Five Creative Ways to Add Something New Your Menu

Deciding on the perfect menu for your event can be tough. Planners are often taking into consideration numerous preferences, dietary restrictions, allergies, and more. We want our menu to be filling, delicious, and beautiful. 

When you want to integrate a variety of flavors for your guests at your events, our savory cones are a fun and exciting option that has been trending this year. 

Here are five innovative ways to enjoy them on your menu:

Salmon Tartare with Vodka Lemon Cream in a Savory Cone

Salmon Tartare with Vodka Lemon Cream in a Savory Cone

As Tray-passed Hors d’Oeuvres

Cocktail parties are really where it’s at these days.

People appreciate being able to mingle and eat at their leisure.

Choose your favorite flavor (or two, or three) and our servers will tray-pass these delicious cones to your guests in a convenient carrier that ensures they are easy to pick up and eat in one or two bites, with no mess. 

Savory Cones Strolling Interactive Station

Savory Cones Strolling Interactive Station

Strolling Interactive Station

Have you ever seen this at an event? It’s brilliant!

Reminiscent of the Candy Girls in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and like the old movie theater or baseball stadium days...but classy.

Choose a few different filling options and let your guests get creative.

Our servers will stroll through your party and build a one of a kind cone right before your guests’ very eyes!

Chef Interactive Station

Chef Action Station

Prefer your guests come to the food on their own when they’re ready to eat but still want something entertaining?

Booking a live action station is a fun way to still keep things interactive.

Our chefs will make your cones fresh onsite at an open food station, and guests can make requests, or choose from a variety of just-made options. 

Cones and Flowers.jpg

Design a Stationary Spread

An onsite chef will make a variety of cones fresh in the kitchen and servers will replenish your cone station throughout the event as your guests choose what they’d like to try at their leisure. This is a great option when the planner would like to have a little more freedom to decorate the food stations during weddings and/or other themed events.

Chocolate Mousse Chef Action Station

Chocolate Mousse Chef Action Station

BONUS: They don’t have to be savory. You can design Sweet Cones too!

Chocolate Mousse, Ice Cream, Creme Brulee…

Pretty much the only thing that could make these desserts taste even better is if they are made as mini individual cone-size servings so you can try all three! 

Whichever type of cones you choose to feature at your event, they are all like bitesize little celebrations in your mouth! 

Savory Cones Station Salmon Tartare Golden Beet Poke Seared Wagyu Beef Tartare.jpg

Reach out to one of our event specialists to add one of these suggestions onto your next event menu!